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Our NEO Story

We are passionate about providing compromise free snacks, and believe that healthy should = delicious, period.

When our personal health journey led us to a diet that was free of Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Grain/Wheat and Refined Sugar, we realized that our current snack choices had too much baggage.

This quest for "less" reminded us of the snack bars that Grandpa Tim would make for the trail. GT's love for exploring the great outdoors, and desire for a healthy, convenient snack while on the go, inspired his snack bar creation.
With a few modifications, GT's recipe turned into the current GT Snack Bar. AHHHH, our taste buds did a happy dance, and our bodies were grateful for the real food treat. 
With our hand picked selection of products, we hope to
Simplify Your Snack Life, and Tantalize Your Taste Buds. 
NEO ~ It's a new way to snack.
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