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What's With The Ladybug?

We are so glad you asked...

Let's start with a little ladybug history. Over the years, the ladybug has been credited with single handily saving crops of all kinds from destructive pests. Her organic methods quickly gained her status as a farmers best friend. Although not entirely English, she is technically a Beatle, and a universal symbol of good fortune.

Our personal connection to the ladybug began on a gorgeous October day in Western North Carolina. We found ourselves surrounded by huge mountains full of vibrant color, and kissed with sunshine that warmed the Fall air. It was our wedding day, and the outdoor ceremony was invaded with little red ladybugs. Not to worry, the ladybugs matched Jen's red heels, so it all worked out. From then on, our wedding crasher friends began to show up everywhere, and continue to return each year around our anniversary. Our daughters birth was no exception, we were invaded once again.

Both "big", and seemingly "small" life moments continue to involve our ladybug friend. Because of this we have come to see her as a reminder that every moment is a gift and that *"there are no ordinary moments". Ever. She reminds us that being present in the moment is the most amazing gift we can give, not only to ourselves, but to those who share that moment in time with us. She reminds us that we should celebrate "little" life events right along with the "big" life events. She reminds us that little actions do matter.

It seems only natural that our ladybug friend should be a part of NEO Snacks journey.

So here is to the next time you see a ladybug, and every time you enjoy NEO Snacks, finding that moment as anything but ordinary.

Jon & Jen

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